Stewart Watson

interdisciplinary artist, curator, and culture producer

Stewart Watson (pronouns: she/her/they) is an artist, curator, collaborator, culture producer, and community leader. Stewart is from Baltimore City, Maryland, USA, her studio is in Molesey, Surrey where she lives with her family. Stewart received her BFA in sculpture from The Pennsylvania State University and her interdisciplinary Master of Fine Arts(MFA) from The University of Maryland where she was an Anne Truitt Scholar, Daniel Nicholson Olkhe Award winner, teacher, and became a parent all whilst continuing her work as owner, curator, and executive director of AREA 405, the artist run exhibition space and accompanying 40+ artist studios were a massive 66,000 square foot building empowering community through the arts. For 20 years, AREA 405 was a platform outside the not-for-profit and institutional realm where artistic autonomy took the lead, creativity blossomed, inspiring a generation of artists. Among the many accolades and honors Stewart has garnered over the years, she is an Americans for the Arts PAN Public Art Review National Recognition recipient, a Sadat Art for Peace Competition Winner, has exhibited in hundreds of galleries and museums, and is the recipient of scores of awards and grants. Stewart looks forward to connections with individuals and communities far and near, please get in touch!