Painter & Printmaker

Passionate for art, StudioG represents the collaborative work of Lara & Martin, wifey&hubby. We joined the in 2017, where we learned a variety of screen-printing techniques. We have since printed using cyanotype and painted in oils and encaustic. We have participated in the BOXED edition 2018, 2019 & 2020 editions and the 20:20 print exchange (2019). Our works were presented at the (2019) organised by the Ochre Print Studio. Over the lockdown, we have been regularly painting in oils – normally on a large scale of around 1mx1m. Our focus now is on painting rather than printing, with an emphasis on oils and encaustic. Considering the recent limitation of accessing the Ochre Print Studio, we have built our lovely StudioG in the garden. StudioG style tends towards impressionism and abstraction on the painting side, and fine art, mixed with fun and detail on the printing side. Lately StudioG has almost been converted into a kitchen, Fondue set and hot plate warmer are required for preparing the encaustic medium from wax and keeping it in a liquid form for painting. Torches are now the painting devices.

Telephone: +447988534610