Sue Ransley

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I'm a people painter, occasionally portraiture, but mostly observational of everyday folk - think real, not the ideal (i.e. moobs and muffintops) - taking a lighter look at life, aiming to capture our warmth and humanity. Focusing on that recognisable behaviour, or moment, that tells a familiar story. Stripped back to just the essential information - my work is about the essence of the person not the detail. Oh, and I'm an unashamed colourist! The majority of my work is in oil or acrylic, and occasionally watercolours or mixed media. In oil and acrylics I start by drawing with paint, the lines forming part of the finished piece. With watercolour I do no drawing - I take a deep breath and go straight into the masses with a loaded brush - it's very zen, hence it doesn't happen often ;) All the moments captured are those I have seen for myself, either when I'm out and about with a sketchbook and camera to hand, or when I'm in my happy place,sitting outside a nice cafe or bar watching the world go by..... Whilst I was a Blue Peter kid, always painting and pasting, my art then took a back seat as life, career and family took over, until an illness in 2004 forced me to stop work. In 2005 I joined an art group as a way back to myself, and was blessed with a brilliant teacher and mentor, and within 2 years I was exhibiting and selling. In recent years I have exhibited in London, Deal, Chester, and Rome; been a regular at AppArt and The Arundel Gallery Trail; a finalist in Artrooms (2017), The Holly Bush Emerging Woman Painting Prize (2018 and 2019), the winner of the Creates Magazine Emerging Artist Prize (2019), and, very proudly, a finalist in Surrey Artist of the Year 2021!!

Telephone: 07876 214203