Tracey Jane Cooper


I create colourful artwork often featuring semi abstract florals from my tiny home studio, having first braved showing my creations around 7 years ago. I love nature and am continually inspired by all manner of natural beauty, especially during the spring when to me, it's at it's absolute best. I paint with acrylics and am particularly proud that two pieces from my Poppy series, inspired by the centenary of WW1, are situated in the Poppy Factory, Richmond, London. I have recently discovered a love of alcohol ink; the way the ink moves and creates different tones when it mixes with the alcohol is quite mesmerising. I love to create floral shapes which have many layers of 'petals' giving the appearance of a delicate, chiffon like quality. Also I create more abstract pieces which are equally satisfying to work on. I undertake commissions to your particular colour palette and visits to my studio near Epsom Downs are available on request.