Vicky O’Leary

Textile Artist

I studied a Textiles Degree at Winchester School of Art and more recently finished my City and Guilds in Machine Embroidery which was an absolute joy to do and has helped inspire my more recent artwork, combining it with hand embroidery techniques to enhance each piece. I enjoy dyeing and printing my own fabrics to create interesting backgrounds, blending colour washes, printing and mark making to create unique pieces of art to stitch into. I work from my home studio in Surrey which has provided me with a rich source of inspiration from nature – from the colours and texture of bark to the serenity and beauty in the local landscapes. I am passionate about using as many recycled elements as possible- I believe we need to consume less as a planet and use the resources that are readily available rather than add to landfill. I very often work on second hand fabrics and include texture in my artwork by using appliqué to add items such as old sponges, old ribbons, fruit netting, papers, broken necklaces, metal fastenings, the list is endless! The detail is added in the form of hand and free machine embroidery. This overall approach demonstrates another dimension to my work and provides me with a constant challenge to create my artworks. I am a great believer that creativity can benefit everyone – it is food for our soul and the best kind of therapy, which is why I want to share my creative knowledge and my artworks with everyone.