Will Johns


Will’s work is bold, expressive and full of life. His enthusiasm for creating striking visual images using acrylic paint on canvas is evident in the physical way he works with the medium. The subject of Will’s paintings is often imagined portraits using vibrant colours to express energy and movement. They display character and feelings without necessarily being identified with real individuals. Techniques with the paint such as layering, scratching, dripping and rubbing help to create the tactile surface of his images. Paintings will often undergo many phases and incarnations before a final image is established. Works also include abstract, figurative and urban themes and more recently Will has been creating compositions using mixed media and collage. These feature abstracted images from his own photography of architectural landscapes and are based on his experiences of the places, shapes and colours of urban life. Will studied Fine Art at Reigate School of Art where he particularly enjoyed working on large canvases. Following in the footsteps of a family of artists, he now shares a garden studio where he continues painting, albeit on a more modest scale! "My influences include Abstract Expessionism, Street Art and Contemporary Culture. I like to interpret the wonderful shapes and colours of people and places I see around me".

Telephone: 07447164494