Marilyn Bailey

On show are many oil paintings made over the past few years. Aiming at adding a rapid method to compliment her academic realist expertise Marilyn Bailey is showing flowers, fruit and veg – always a favourite – and these works have a feeling of immediacy that is vital for lively, living subjects.  By exploring colour […]


I have long been a fan of Thierry Poncelet, the originator of the formal, historical dog portrait, my work is a variation of the theme. I create 3D clothed Canines in ceramic. My original focus was on the Terracotta warriors with my own version the ’Terrier’cotta Warriors, of late my work has focused on well […]

Carolyn Wallis

Hand woven scarves created with 100% silk yarn which is hand dyed in the studio to the colours required by each unique design. Patterns are usually inspired by the natural world but sometimes simply a design of colour and pattern .

Judit Matthews

I’m a Hungarian born illustrative artist. I use a dip pen with liquid ink, watercolour and collage. I enjoy drawing wildlife, maps in a quirky and detailed way. Love using surface pattern and textures in my work. I run art classes in my home studio, also online. I do demonstrations for art societies. I have […]

Francesca Learmount at Cicca-Art

ABOUT ME. ABOUT MY ART: I have always enjoyed drawing and painting. Having survived a nomadic childhood, my father’s service in the Air Force suddenly terminated due to illness and he had to begin a new career. This disrupted my schooling, and I found solace in art. I finished my foundation course at Epsom School […]

Alison G Saunders/Ginger Cactus Art

Ginger Cactus Art (GCA) is a group of diverse artists established through a collective spirit to showcase and exhibit the unique art that is emerging at this time. Ginger  Cactus Art  is the brainchild of one of its members, Alison G Saunders.  Established in 2020 to promote the work of  it’s 30 founding artists.  This […]

Sandy Kendall

My love of the natural world weaves itself into every aspect of my work, including my writing. The way the light falls on a tree-trunk, the sparkle of a breaking wave, the blue of distant hills.  The complexity and variety of natural forms is a constant source of wonder and inspiration. But the strange beauty […]