Catherine McVean

Catherine is a professional artist best known for her still life oil paintings. Her paintings are a quiet celebration of everyday moments reflected in the subjects she chooses to paint and the way she represents them. Catherine has a particular interest in patterns, particularly those found on vintage crockery as well as silver, glass and […]

Kirsty McNay

 I make my pictures using torn paper. The images I use are from photographs I take. My photos are close-ups of natural objects I see when I’m out and about; things that have interesting textures and colours. I often photograph close-ups of wood – tree trunks, fences etc – because of its beautiful lines. Yes, […]

Tiffany Budd Fine Art

At Tiffany’s studio, you will find original, bright, bold artwork, and also prints, gifts, and books. She is based in Dean House Farm, Church Lane, in Newdigate. A wonderfully rural location. There is a pub 2 minute walk up from her studio and local walks also nearby. Parking is at the rear, on the left […]

Alison Catchlove

I create intricate, fun, metal sculptures of birds, animals and flowers, painted in bright colours. When you visit my studio you can see examples of my entire process; from a flat sheet of metal cut in to tiny pieces, hammered to shape and then welded together in to a finished sculpture. Although metal sculpture is […]

Cricketers Cottage Studio

You will be very welcome to come and see  what I am currently working on – I always have a variety of paintings in progress. In addition to framed and mounted paintings and drawings for sale, there will also be some limited edition signed prints, a studio sale of unframed drawings at low prices, and […]

Farnham Art Society

Over 100 stunning paintings ceramics & sculpture on display and for sale in the gardens and inside the Cedar Room at this beautiful country hotel venue. Farnham Art Society is an established Art Society and is renowned for its high standards and creativity. You will find an array of exciting innovative work from both Professional […]

Marilyn Bailey

Painter, Marilyn Bailey will have a new collection of still life and flower paintings in her studio this June.  Vibrant and beautifully painted, these pictures give the opportunity to bring a burst of colour into you home and can be seen along with her more well-known and larger oil paintings and portraits.  Visit on Saturday […]

Espasa Studio

Welcome to Espasa Studio, my art space. At Espasa Studio you will find a wide variety of artwork: from oil paintings, watercolours, candles and crafts to photographs of my professional fashion portfolio, with some local images too!   I am Laura, a Spanish artist based in Surrey. My work consists of a variety of techniques: […]