Stephen Kinder’s Painting Studio

“The soul needs to look out at things and find rest and peace and beauty in the things that the eyes are seeing.” Anna Pavord. I find the way that light falls across a landscape and creates a particular mood and atmosphere very absorbing as I try and capture that particular moment in time. I work […]

Suzie at The Old Studio

My work exhibits my main passions: illustration, vivid colour, pattern and texture. My collections comprise handmade upcycled silicone jewellery and digitally printed textiles. Please call me to visit at times not listed in the brochure.  

Fiona Pearce

Fiona paints from her studio, an old granary called ‘The Hen House’ in Hampshire, England. Working predominately in acrylics, she likes to paint on canvases of all sizes using as much expression as possible and normally with copious amounts of paint using a credit card and any other tools she can find. Seeing the world […]

Sue Ransley

I’m a people painter, occasionally portraiture, but mostly observational of everyday folk – think real, not the ideal (i.e., moobs and muffintops) – taking a lighter look at life, aiming to capture our warmth and humanity. Focusing on that recognisable behaviour, or moment, that tells a familiar story. Stripped back to just the essential information […]

Kiri Jones

My paintings are inspired by time spent walking with my dog, playing with my children and working as an artist in residence at a local Forest School.  My work aims to capture the sense of  emotional wellbeing that time spent in nature brings us. From the view upwards into a light filled tree canopy in […]

Jane Henderson and Pip Schulp

Jane hand builds sculptural garden pots from stoneware clay while Pip sews hand made linen dresses, napkins and more! Please come and visit us in the garden next to the cricket pitch in Elstead. Jane – I have always been fascinated by nature and by the patinated, textured surfaces that develop through weathering and the growth […]

The Bach

The work here at The Bach reflects a love and concern for the natural world and growing environmental issues. Paintings are detailed but abstracted and expressive of landscape or portrait. Linoprints, on the other hand, tend to be simple and focus on an individual animal.

Emma J Read – Cedars Yard

Emma J. Read is a contemporary abstract sea painter based in Hampshire. Growing up on the Deal seafront and watching her partner surf around the world, her passion for the sea has never waned. Emma’s paintings are a spontaneous and intuitive response to her feelings of both joy and respect towards the sea, the surf […]