Debbie Tearle

Debbie is a Surrey painter working in oil with cold wax, acrylics, watercolours and mixed media Her work is an expression of experiences whether they be moments of time spent in nature, memories of places or events. Her work is nonrepresentational, preferring an abstract or semi abstract style with which she aims to engage the […]

Carolyn Wallis

Hand woven scarves created with 100% silk yarn which is hand dyed in the studio to the colours required by each unique design. Patterns are usually inspired by the natural world but sometimes simply a design of colour and pattern .

Sarah Rawlins Artist

I am inspired by the beauty of the colours and shapes found within the natural world. My aim is to combine vibrant colours and magical patterns, mixing realism with the abstract, to produce an intrinsically powerful visual impact for the viewer.

Fiona Millais

Inspired by nature, my semi-abstract paintings are a response to our landscapes and coasts.  The courtyard garden studio is filled with light and is a welcoming place to browse my artworks, large and small and in a range of media.

5a The Studio

We are 3 friends who paint in oils & watercolours, but in very different styles. On display in a working studio will be many paintings, framed or unframed and sketch books of our outdoor paintings. Landscapes (some of local views) and abstracts of fireworks and space.  All  paintings including unframed are for sale including greeting […]

Judit Matthews

I’m a Hungarian born illustrative artist. I use a dip pen with liquid ink, watercolour and collage. I enjoy drawing wildlife, maps in a quirky and detailed way. Love using surface pattern and textures in my work. I run art classes in my home studio, also online. I do demonstrations for art societies. I have […]

Francesca Learmount at Cicca-Art

ABOUT ME. ABOUT MY ART: I have always enjoyed drawing and painting. Having survived a nomadic childhood, my father’s service in the Air Force suddenly terminated due to illness and he had to begin a new career. This disrupted my schooling, and I found solace in art. I finished my foundation course at Epsom School […]