Sue Ransley

I’m a people painter, occasionally portraiture, but mostly observational of everyday folk – think real, not the ideal (i.e., moobs and muffintops) – taking a lighter look at life, aiming to capture our warmth and humanity. Focusing on that recognisable behaviour, or moment, that tells a familiar story. Stripped back to just the essential information […]

The Bach

The work here at The Bach reflects a love and concern for the natural world and growing environmental issues. Paintings are detailed but abstracted and expressive of landscape or portrait. Linoprints, on the other hand, tend to be simple and focus on an individual animal.

Emma J Read – Cedars Yard

Emma J. Read is a contemporary abstract sea painter based in Hampshire. Growing up on the Deal seafront and watching her partner surf around the world, her passion for the sea has never waned. Emma’s paintings are a spontaneous and intuitive response to her feelings of both joy and respect towards the sea, the surf […]

Georgie Gardiner

A range of bowls, vessels and vases, thrown on my potters wheel. Decoration is applied using paper resist, cut by hand with a scalpel and applied to leather hard clay before adding layers of colour – I create the designs as I go, this means no two pieces are ever exactly the same. The paper […]

athertongreenart gallery

We are passionate about taking the time to find and select innovative artists who create distinctive contemporary fine art, mixed media, ceramics and sculpture in both original and limited edition.  Our Summer show runs from 12th June – 3rd July and includes beautiful contemporary pieces in our home gallery and sculpture in our garden all […]

Mai Osawa and Ruth Barrett-Danes

The Print Room has been set up by Mai as somewhere she can further pursue her etching and express her fascination with Britain’s historical architecture. She is also showing her paintings which are inspired by daily life in the country. Ruth is showing a variety of her prints including Collagraphs and Etchings that create a […]

Mona Craven and Michelle Shields, Little Acres Studios

Michelle investigates the possibilities between ceramics and 3D printing; hybrid making. Her recent research responds to the RJ Lloyd ceramics collection at the Burton at Bideford Museum & Art Gallery, North Devon. Come and see Michelle and her digital printer at work in Clay Cottage. @goldenpavilion Mona, a textile culture researcher, creates installations and […]

Art Studio, Surrey Hills

Keira Graham – a textile artist capturing stunning sea and landscape ”Experimenting with different textures created by manipulating fabric, I produce unique artworks in silk that use the richness of the fabric and the weave itself to create pieces that initially appear as landscapes and seascapes from a distance and take an entirely different visual […]

Adam Aaronson Glass Studio

Adam Aaronson is a full time glassmaker and there is a very wide selection of his work available to purchase. This includes small items such as paperweights, birds, mushrooms and other glass ornaments, together with functional items like tumblers, bowls, goblets and bud vases. There is also a wide range of medium and large sculptural […]