Sarah Rawlins Artist

I am inspired by the beauty of colours and shapes found within the natural world. I combine vibrant colours and magical patterns, mixing realism with the abstract, to produce powerful images. As well as paintings, I also produce beautiful scarves from my designs which are very popular gifts, as well as mugs, scrunchies, cushions and […]

Georgie Rey

I paint outdoors concentrating on a particular theme for several months.  At the moment I am painting local buildings which I pass on my day to day runs: Farms, Mills and Cottages which describe the typical character of my surroundings.  They are old, beautiful buildings with a strong presence.  I listen to my inner voice […]

Luke Adam Hawker

Luke Adam Hawker started his career as a designer before becoming a full-time artist in 2015. Luke focuses on drawing on location as he is fascinated with the world around him and how drawing can help us connect with both places and people. Most recently, Luke has created the Sunday Times Best Seller ‘Together’ and […]