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Kim Cody BA. ATD. Cert.Ed.


Kim's work is essentially about the landscape but her response to the environment is emotional rather than pictorial. " I am interested in studying small details and in recording my own responses to nature and the elements. Throughout my career my work has become more and more abstract as I try to capture the ephemeral images of light in the landscape. Light reflected, refracted, diffused, diluted, scattered and fractured. "
Initially Kim records her observations in pencil or water colour and then develops them as charcoal drawings, oil paintings, collages or acrylic paintings.

Paintings and drawings for sale.

Parking available.

Visitors welcome by appointment

19 Red Lion Lane




tel: 01252 266024

mobile: 07986509846



  • Kim Cody, Submerged Red Lines
  • Kim Cody, Lines & Light
  • Kim Cody, Submerged Light
  • Kim Cody, Submerged Yellow
  • Kim Cody, Transition
  • Kim Cody, Submerged Orange


Kim Cody's work can be seen at:

Ways of Seeing

Cranleigh Arts Centre

1, High St. Cranleigh, Surrey GU6 8AS

Thursday 28th Nov - Saturday 21st Dec

10.30am - 4.30pm Tuesday - Saturday

Exhibition of selected work for the Cranleigh Open Art Competition.