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Aasiri Wickremage


I am a British artist with Sri Lankan roots, currently living in Surrey, England. With a background architectural studies, I have been somewhat of a globetrotter over the past decade, having lived in five countries and four continents. As such, my work draws inspiration from multiple cultures, landscapes and landmarks I have experienced personally. My work highlight the experience of a landscape, it's mood, character, lighting and density, through several layers of colour, lines, texture and brush strokes. I zoom in and out of the actual memory of the landscape to construct the story in mind.

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7 Hurtmore Chase





tel: O7468426162



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  • Aasiri Wickremage, In the shade on a hot day
  • Aasiri Wickremage, Transition
  • Aasiri Wickremage, Estate Bungalow
  • Aasiri Wickremage, Frog pomd
  • Aasiri Wickremage, Urbanised
  • Aasiri Wickremage, Kandy
  • Aasiri Wickremage, Picture that!
  • Aasiri Wickremage, Walk
  • Aasiri Wickremage, Beeg Ben
  • Aasiri Wickremage
  • Aasiri Wickremage, Going fishing in the moonlight
  • Aasiri Wickremage, Summer foliage