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Alison Ellen

Textiles, knitting and dyeing

SAOS Open Studios 2020 My studio is full of colour: yarn dyeing, knitting in progress, books, and knitwear for sale in wool and in hemp. Ideas for colours and textures often come from the surrounding garden and landscape, and I have a range of designs to suit different individuals.
I design jackets, jumpers, waistcoats and hats, with interest in structure and drape, as well as colour and texture.
My interest in hand knitting includes running workshops in the UK and abroad, and teaching and designing have come together in my four books on designing in knitting.

knitwear for sale, commissions welcome

parking, upstairs studio

Visitors welcome by appointment

Jeffreys Cottage

Bealeswood Lane




GU10 4HS

tel: 01252 792442

mobile: 07896124418



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  • Alison Ellen, zigzag jacket, golds and greys
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