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Alison Saunders


37 SAOS Open Studios 2019 I DON’T LIKE BORING BEIGE!
But I do love colour! Even more I love putting colours together to see how they play with each other.
Every piece of work I make is a journey into what different colours do to each other. It is the most magical way to live and I get to live it every day.

I produce work as a painter and a print-maker, mono, collagraph, screen and lino, with my current works about coral, fish and the sea.
I am currently exploring flowers and you can see my IG account for daily sketchbook works.
If you want to know my story, please visit my website

Visitors welcome by appointment


The Glade



KT20 6JE

tel: 01737830439

mobile: 01737830439



social media:

  • Alison Saunders, Eastenders on Acid
  • Alison Saunders, Purple Haze 120.00gbp
  • Alison Saunders, Loving the blue 165.00gbp
  • Alison Saunders, From out of the shadows comes gold 165.00gbp
  • Alison Saunders, It's the simple things 165.00gbp
  • Alison Saunders, Nothing Comes from Nothing 120.00gbp
  • Alison Saunders, Colourful Coral
  • Alison Saunders, Blue Coral
  • Alison Saunders, Passionate Pink 175.00gbp