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Ann Passmore

Photo Manipulation Artist and Trainer

I have found a way of expressing my creativity by taking photographs and changing them into works of art.

I also do commissions and convert portraits or pictures of pets into abstract art or apply painterly effects so that they look like paintings.

Do you have a special picture that you would like converted into art? I can do it for you.

I am also an iPad trainer, teaching people to enhance their photos on their ipad/iphone. See my work at:

Artwork is for sale and commissions are very welcome

  • Ann Passmore, Hen
  • Ann Passmore, Queen Anne's Lace
  • Ann Passmore, Starling
  • Ann Passmore, Poppies
  • Ann Passmore, House on Basingstoke Canal
  • Ann Passmore, The Artist (not for sale)
  • Ann Passmore, London at Night
  • Ann Passmore, Cats are Characters
  • Ann Passmore, Commission (not for sale)
  • Ann Passmore, Dragon Fly
  • Ann Passmore, Dog Statue
  • Ann Passmore, Dad & Daughter (not for sale)