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Anne Hunt

Abstract designer

Over the last couple of years, I have been experimenting with various paint pouring techniques.
The fun of the constant battle with the paint, to control exactly where you want it to go to create the desired effects, combined with the element of surprise, is an exciting challenge. After the initial pouring I get a real kick from the artistic process of trying to convert each design into an interesting work of art.

tel: 07850 367600


  • Anne Hunt, Pink Rhapsody
  • Anne Hunt, Away from the chaos
  • Anne Hunt, Coral Fantasy
  • Anne Hunt, Winter Landscape
  • Anne Hunt, Magic Mushroom
  • Anne Hunt, Purple Haze
  • Anne Hunt, Memories of Portugal
  • Anne Hunt, Blue Horizon
  • Anne Hunt, Magic Dream
  • Anne Hunt, The Meditation Tree
  • Anne Hunt, The Lost Chain
  • Anne Hunt