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Anne Wood


SAOS Open Studios 2020 I have always loved art from an early age and can remember drawing Disney characters using crayons from my dad’s art shop. With my northern roots, I have always loved undulating hills, roads, paths, fences and walls and the shapes and patterns they create across the land. I like to see how man-made structures sit within nature. My paintings have a colourful, expressive style with free, energetic mark making using varying thicknesses of acrylic paint. My work includes local scenes, floral still lifes, sport, dance and house portraits.

Commissions welcome and artwork for sale

Parking available in the drive

Visitors welcome by appointment

Plantation House

Ockham Road South

East Horsley


KT24 6SG

tel: 01483285064

mobile: 07725852084


social media:

  • Anne Wood, Horsley Towers
  • Anne Wood, Box Hill from Abinger Roughs
  • Anne Wood, Sheep and Fences
  • Anne Wood, Lilac Cyclamen
  • Anne Wood, Leith Hill Tower and Telegraph Poles
  • Anne Wood, Where Are You?
  • Anne Wood, Ranmore Common
  • Anne Wood, Pink Ballerinas
  • Anne Wood, Denbies Vineyards
  • Anne Wood, Snowdrops in a Pot
  • Anne Wood, RHS Wisley
  • Anne Wood, The Cricketer