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Annee Robson


Annee Robson is a Director of Ochre Print Studio, based at Lockwood Centre, Guildford. She is an artist / printmaker / tutor, using screenprint as her main medium. She describes this as 'A wonderful process that allows me to create layers of colour and texture using photographic images, paper stencils, drawings, photocopies and anything else that can be safely put on an exposure unit'

Print Studio

Disabled access

Visitors welcome by appointment

Ochre Print Studio

Lockwood Centre

Westfield Road, Slyfield Industrial Estate




  • Annee Robson, Angel with a Fuzzy Head I
  • Annee Robson, Two Heads Are Better Than One
  • Annee Robson, 20:20
  • Annee Robson, Angel With Headache
  • Annee Robson, The One Who Is Brave
  • Annee Robson, Shadow Hopping
  • Annee Robson, The One Who Breathes
  • Annee Robson, Homage to Ben Shahn