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Brett Lohn

Painter specialising in Oils. Also pencil drawings.

In an era when people hold HD television in high esteem, and a premium is paid for a building with panoramic views, the way that we use our eyes is given greater precedence than ever before. No one would put obscured glass in a window overlooking a magnificent panorama. So why does so much art deliberately limit what we can see?

I try to ask that question with my own work; work that breathes and isn't afraid to carry the peace and beauty of nature. I call it painting 'what the eye feels'. I paint what I would like to see when I open my curtains. Paintings that dwell on beauty, drama and hope.

Limited Edition Prints and greeting cards for sale. Commissions welcome, including Equestrian Commissions.

tel: 01372360566



  • Brett Lohn, The Robes Of Autumn - Box Hill
  • Brett Lohn, Final Furlong - Epsom Downs
  • Brett Lohn, February Gallops - Epsom Downs
  • Brett Lohn, Lest You Strike Your Foot
  • Brett Lohn, Cares Cast
  • Brett Lohn, Oxfordshire Manor House
  • Brett Lohn, La Chaleur et Le Coeur de La Provence
  • Brett Lohn, Spirit of Cheltenham
  • Brett Lohn, Daydreaming