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Caroline Rutter Originals BSc MSc PhD

Stained Glass , craftwork and sculpture

SAOS Open Studios 2020 Birds are flying out of the studio. The colours of the glass inspire me to celebrate a wide variety from the primitive hoatzin to the pink flamingo and the austere black and white of the Avocet and Smew. A new group of dinosaurs have just left the kiln in search of a new home. My WW1 inspired poppies are still popular as are my colour floral orchid supports. I combine glass with wood and metals as I explore its sculptural potential with foiling, leading, painting and fusing. Commissions welcome : memorials, dancers, dog portraits and horses are specialities. Celebrating the beauty of life.

Art work for sale, commissions taken, including dog portraits, memorials, windows..

Parking plentiful, disabled access (soon), lovely countryside.

Visitors welcome by appointment


Pyle Hill

Sutton Green



GU22 0SR

contact: Caroline Rutter

tel: 01483 808312

mobile: 07884 341858


social media:

  • Caroline Rutter Originals, Firebird as Weathervane
  • Caroline Rutter Originals, Blue Horse Dawn
  • Caroline Rutter Originals, Valegro in Silver
  • Caroline Rutter Originals
  • Caroline Rutter Originals, Tereeza the Triceratops
  • Caroline Rutter Originals, Horse Herd
  • Caroline Rutter Originals, Cygnus Reversed
  • Caroline Rutter Originals, Requience
  • Caroline Rutter Originals, My Mind Has Been Dancing Akram Khan March 2012
  • Caroline Rutter Originals, Wisdom in the Dark?
  • Caroline Rutter Originals, Anthony and Cleopatra Enraptured (after David Nixon's Northern Ballet 2011 production of Cleopatra