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Charlotte Iggulden


Charlotte Iggulden is a Surrey based artist, who has been selling original paintings and drawings and producing bespoke commissions since winning the Surrey County Council Art Award in 2005 for her A Level art project on vanishing cultures. She specialises in oil paint, charcoal and pencil in a detailed realistic style for a variety of subjects, although she enjoys experimenting with her style for commissions. Inspired by the world around her, she endeavours to paint scenes that embody ideas of endurance and creation, ones that will hopefully inspire those who view them.

Commissions welcome and artwork for sale

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Visitors welcome by appointment

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  • Charlotte Iggulden, Waves at dusk
  • Charlotte Iggulden, Autumn tree
  • Charlotte Iggulden
  • Charlotte Iggulden, Ash tree
  • Charlotte Iggulden
  • Charlotte Iggulden
  • Charlotte Iggulden, Roaring surf
  • Charlotte Iggulden
  • Charlotte Iggulden
  • Charlotte Iggulden, Night Waves
  • Charlotte Iggulden, Poppy amongst lavendar
  • Charlotte Iggulden, Seven Sisters Cliffs