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Clare Edworthy MFA


People as an endless source of inspiration for me. I like to paint anonymous descriptions of people, reimagined in abstract contexts, which speak about universal human experiences. I reuse old collected papers to add texture, pattern and layers and a historical element to my pieces and combine this with acrylic paints and charcoal. I also enjoy creating portraits, primarily in pencil, and am interested in any commission opportunities.

Artwork for sale, commissions welcome.

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  • Clare Edworthy, Wisley, summer
  • Clare Edworthy, H sleeping (NFS)
  • Clare Edworthy, Morning
  • Clare Edworthy, Skating
  • Clare Edworthy, Skaters
  • Clare Edworthy, Sing
  • Clare Edworthy, To the Light
  • Clare Edworthy, Watching
  • Clare Edworthy, Night walk
  • Clare Edworthy, Skate for three
  • Clare Edworthy, Portrait of a Boy
  • Clare Edworthy, Skate for two

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