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Claudia Stendel

Mixed Media Artist

I work in a variety of mediums including painting and printmaking, allowing chance and coincidence to become a big part in the process. My artistic inspiration comes from nature and everyday objects. Often focussing on the quirky aspects of the ordinary, my aim is to create beautiful works with poetic ambiguity to celebrate life. Colour and texture are vital to me. So is the urge to keep the fluidity and immediacy of free expression - moments in time reworked by the artist.
I have a studio in Chertsey and exhibit regularly across Surrey and South London.

Commissions welcome. Artwork and handmade unique cards for sale.

Visitors welcome by appointment

tel: 01483 374592

mobile: 07790694818



  • Claudia Stendel
  • Claudia Stendel
  • Claudia Stendel
  • Claudia Stendel