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David Johns

Painter and Maker

I work in watercolour and acrylic and make paintings which are based on a composition of colour, shape and form. I use traditional techniques and as I work on them, my paintings evolve to finish in varying degrees of abstraction. Subjects which currently interest me most include evocative landscapes and other natural and rural environments. I work primarily from source material in my sketchbooks and from photographs of random landscape features. My abstracted compositions are designed to evoke an impression of a place or a regional landscape without necessarily being of a specific location.

Demonstrations and artwork for sale

Parking available 50 metres from the garden studio

Visitors welcome by appointment

Sandfels Cottage (Studio)

Park Lane




mobile: 07926974372



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  • David Johns, Viaduct on the Brighton Line
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  • David Johns, Samos Afternoon
  • David Johns, Seven Sisters with Friesians
  • David Johns, Devonshire Woodland
  • David Johns, Wetlands at High Tide
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