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Dodie Shariff BAhons


I paint more now, because I am retired, having renewed my interest in art in general. Painting has always been a passion for me. When I was learning Chinese art, in Hong Kong I knew this would continue all of my life. Working mainly in watercolors and then progressing to printing whilst at University.
When choosing a subject, there is no set idea to begin with. However, colour plays a huge part of the painting.
This last year, I have been fortunate in having a wonderful tutor, who has inspired me and I am so grateful.
The impressionist artists are the ones who influence me most.

19 Pitson Close

Corrie Road



KT 15 2HR

tel: 01932953717

mobile: 07917350590


  • Dodie Shariff, Tulips
  • Dodie Shariff, The cottage
  • Dodie Shariff, Snowdrops in winter
  • Dodie Shariff, Autumn scene
  • Dodie Shariff, Flowers
  • Dodie Shariff, Trees in winter
  • Dodie Shariff, Waterfalling