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Elaine Coles

Ceramicist and Digital Printmaker

SAOS Open Studios 2020 I am both a potter and a digital print maker and my current work incorporates the two mediums. The pots are high fired either stoneware or porcelain thrown on a wheel.
They have 4 firings a biscuit a glaze and then the transfers are applied followed by a final firing of the lustres. I like the pots to have a painterly quality whereby the glaze drips. Each pot is unique.. The digital prints are limited to editions of 5 and are a combination of textures, photo images iPad drawings which are digital enhanced in photoshop by blending and manipulating the images until the final result is achieved.

Ceramics and prints for sale

Free 2 hour car park about 200 yds.

Visitors welcome by appointment

73 High Street




GU24 8AF

tel: 01276 856769

mobile: 07748 763524



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