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Emma C Tabor


My drawings are explorations in pattern, experimenting with line and forms, investigating the visual language that develops. I have an initial starting point but each drawing grows in a unique way to find its final form and reveal itself. They are part of a developing process rather than a representation of any identifiable form; I leave it to the viewer to decide what is happening.
Printmaking allows for the investigation of the effects of colour on the drawings. Layering printed drawings in different colours alters their mood and impact. This work allows re-interpretation of the drawings

mobile: 07963652785



  • Emma C Tabor, Rise
  • Emma C Tabor, Opening
  • Emma C Tabor, Further Ashore I
  • Emma C Tabor, Imaginary Site I
  • Emma C Tabor, #764
  • Emma C Tabor, #799
  • Emma C Tabor, Growth is magical, celerate it
  • Emma C Tabor, Finding a way forward
  • Emma C Tabor, Multi tasking