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Filomena Forte

Sculptor and Painter

Filomena Forte was born of Italian parents and has lived in Sussex since 1949. She was head of Art at Pennthorpe School for 19 years and after retirement has run private art classes.
Her work was in oils and watercolour until she started sculpting in wood, stone and modeling and casting in bronze resin.
Her inspiration has been the relationships between people and the natural world where she has developed her understanding of anatomy. She is a member of the Surrey Sculpture Society exhibiting at, Wisley Gardens, Losely House and Beaulieu. Also at Birtley House and AppArt in Godalming.

Lilac Cottage

Tismans Common



West Sussex

RH12 3 DU

tel: 01403822982


  • Filomena Forte, Grazie (Edition 2 of 12)
  • Filomena Forte
  • Filomena Forte
  • Filomena Forte, Paternita (Edition 2 of 12)
  • Filomena Forte, Dondolio