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Fiona Millais


SAOS Open Studios 2020 My paintings are often a response to our landscapes and coasts,and they are evolved from memories and drawings. Additional materials are collected, so that stones, leaves and feathers become visual reminders of the place and time. I love the connection between the natural rhythms of the land and the way it reflects our presence or the lack of it. Landscapes are shaped by ourselves and our ancestors, leaving marks and echoes. My canvasses are often painted and repainted so that traces of the original images remain present, creating layers of texture, colour and interwoven history.

Artwork for sale and commissions undertaken

Parking available

Visitors welcome by appointment

Crosswater Farm Cottage

Crosswater Lane




GU10 2JN

tel: 01252 793770



  • Fiona Millais, the Island
  • Fiona Millais
  • Fiona Millais
  • Fiona Millais, Birch Ridge Path
  • Fiona Millais, Shingle Bay
  • Fiona Millais, Summer Fields
  • Fiona Millais, From the Windmill
  • Fiona Millais, Coast Walk