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Gesa Stolting


I love making large, colourful, abstract paintings with acrylics or mixed media.
For me, painting is about going on a fun journey and seeing where the painting takes me...which results in a diverse body of work with different styles. I hope that this sense of excitement and discovery shows in my work and will also take you on a journey.

I basically love making uplifting paintings that are beautiful to look at and bring joy to the viewer (and myself).

I have been painting on & off for the last 25 years and am mainly self-taught.

Thank you for visiting my webpage.

Commissions welcome and artwork for sale

Parking available

Visitors welcome by appointment

social media:

  • Gesa Stolting, Festival of colour -light blue
  • Gesa Stolting, Festival of colour - dark blue
  • Gesa Stolting, Going all out
  • Gesa Stolting, The sky is the limit
  • Gesa Stolting, Coral swirl
  • Gesa Stolting, Roots of colour
  • Gesa Stolting, Odd one out -light blue
  • Gesa Stolting, Champagne
  • Gesa Stolting, Big Bang
  • Gesa Stolting, Brexit