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Gill Denyer

Textile art and mixed media

SAOS Open Studios 2020 I work mainly with textiles, although recently I have been dabbling in print techniques.
I don't have any particular product that I always make, but I continually change both the techniques that I use and the finished articles. Since March I have been using a lot more hand stitch in my creations, mainly due to the increased amount of time on my hands!
I try and use recycled materials wherever possible as I hate throwing anything away and this year I have been using up my fabric stash to make bowls, brooches, pictures and fish.

17 Knox Road

Queen Elizabeth Park




tel: 01483 826459


social media:

  • Gill Denyer, Handstitched bowls
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  • Gill Denyer, Vintage linen bowl
  • Gill Denyer, Vintage bowls
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