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Hannah Gibson

Glass artist

Capturing the nostalgic imagery of childhood and exposing hidden narratives through cast sculptural glass stands at the core of my work. Whilst studying geology the the University of Edinburgh I became fascinated by the mineralogy and the reactions between various elements, metals and compounds and this led towards a passion for the alchemy of glass. Each piece is created through a distinctive series of casting processes, which is evident from the surface, through each stratigraphic layer to the base. Sweet Nothings is a series of individual, unique Cast Glass figures.

Commissions welcome and artwork for sale

Visitors welcome by appointment

Hillside Cottage

The Highlands

East Horsley


KT24 5BQ

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  • Hannah Gibson, Fused Glass Cala Lilly
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  • Hannah Gibson, Sweet Nothings
  • Hannah Gibson, Sweet Nothings
  • Hannah Gibson, Sweet Nothing