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Helena Ross

Kiln - Formed Glass

31 SAOS Open Studios 2019 Helena trained in Architectural Glass at Swansea Institute. With over 15 years' experience in the design and technical control of glass processes, she produces a range of glass pieces using her novel ColourWave technique. This uses thin coloured glass rods to create complex stripe textures. The colour selections are varied across the surface of the object to produce waves of colour. This technique gives the freedom to design vibrant contrasts and subtle textures with few limitations on the colour mixes that can be created. A wide variety of designs are produced with this method.

mobile: 07816 106537



  • Helena Ross, Nothing Hotter x 2
  • Helena Ross, Nothing Hotter x 2 - Edge View
  • Helena Ross, Sunset Haze
  • Helena Ross, Sunset Haze - Edge View
  • Helena Ross, Paradise
  • Helena Ross, Radiance
  • Helena Ross, Radiance - Edge View
  • Helena Ross, Cosmic Spectra
  • Helena Ross, Cosmic Spectra - Edge View
  • Helena Ross, Knot Grey
  • Helena Ross, Knot Grey
  • Helena Ross, Sunset Wave