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Iona Mackenzie Laycock BA (Hons)

Textile Artist

I am a contemporary textile/fibre artist working with wool fibres and hand painted fabrics. The landscape inspired the technique I use today, looking at the changing light as it moves over the land. Using hand painted fabrics as a contrast to wool fibres accentuates the relationship between light and the solid surface. My technique is always evolving: more wool less paint, the inclusion of natural materials - wood, rock fragments ?? and a stitch to define an area.
I have also started to weather work in the landscape, the project took place on the north coast of Scotland. Using wool from the local shetland sheep I created a piece of work which was left in the landscape letting the elements evolve the work naturally.
I also have a project collecting stories about wool, using North Ronaldsay wool I have made a hanging and spun long yarns, on which hand-written stories are hung. My aim is to collect 1912 stories starting with my great-great-grandfather who was a Paisley weaver in 1912 and still working at his loom at the age of ninety.

The Wool Shed

1 St Thomas Drive

East Clandon


tel: 01483 222718



  • Iona Mackenzie Laycock, The Kyle in Summer, Sutherland.
  • Iona Mackenzie Laycock, View of Ben Hope through a window.
  • Iona Mackenzie Laycock, Looking over to Ben Hope, Sutherland.
  • Iona Mackenzie Laycock, Until I return again
  • Iona Mackenzie Laycock, Morning light, Ben Spionnaidh
  • Iona Mackenzie Laycock, Hidden lochan, Sutherland.
  • Iona Mackenzie Laycock, Detail, hidden Lochan
  • Iona Mackenzie Laycock, Loch and rock
  • Iona Mackenzie Laycock, High Clandon, Surrey.
  • Iona Mackenzie Laycock, Wool stories Project
  • Iona Mackenzie Laycock