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James Tait

Sculptor & painter

I am primarily a sculptor, but also paint on paper. My works are abstract, but draw inspiration from the shapes and colours of the landscape. My sculptures are usually painted steel or wood. My aim is to 'please the eye and feed the soul'
I exhibit regularly in Surrey Sculpture Society and App Art shows. I have exhibited at the Eton College Gallery, Royal Academy, Globe Gallery, Cranleigh Threes, and various competitions and open shows. For the month of March in 2014 I held a solo show of paintings and sculptures at the Robert Phillips Gallery in Walton on Thames.

Commissions welcome and artwork for sale

Limited offroad parking

Visitors welcome by appointment

mobile: 0777 552 1780



  • James Tait, Untitled #2  2016
  • James Tait, Three Blues
  • James Tait, Out of the Blue 2
  • James Tait, Summer Curtain 2
  • James Tait, Hidden Valley
  • James Tait, Moonlit
  • James Tait, South Beach
  • James Tait, Ziggurat
  • James Tait, Calvaire
  • James Tait, Red Sky
  • James Tait, Untitled #1 2016
  • James Tait, Painting 1 2016