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Jane Bohane BA (hons)

Glass and Steel Sculptor

Working from within a renovated and rather quirky studio, Jane produces unusual glass & mixed media sculptures that reflect her love of the incongruous.

Glass shards & splinters contrast with mirrored stainless steel. Wood & rusted iron are entwined with melted and manipulated glass. A chest freezer acts as a unique Lightbox.

The work has an influence from nature, the reoccurring theme of Desire & Denial and a hope to intrigue.

An integral part of Janes' working process is to use her sculptures within photographs and drawings.

A new vibrant studio with lots of work for sale.

Commissions welcome and artwork for sale

parking available

Visitors welcome by appointment

The Studio

Little Birketts

Holmbury Lane

Holmbury St Mary



tel: 07855 149566



  • Jane Bohane, Untitled
  • Jane Bohane, Transient VIII
  • Jane Bohane, Curved V
  • Jane Bohane, Lady Trephines Box
  • Jane Bohane, The Studio
  • Jane Bohane, Revolve
  • Jane Bohane, The Studio
  • Jane Bohane, Opus 45
  • Jane Bohane, Shattered Lens
  • Jane Bohane, Two Three Five
  • Jane Bohane, Breaker 47
  • Jane Bohane, Framed