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Jane Deutsch

Fused Glass / Mosaics / Painter

I originally trained in Fine Art, but some years ago I branched out into mosaics and kiln formed glass which was an interesting and satisfying period. I made and still make mosaic mirrors and glass bowls, but recently I've reverted back to painting. Somehow the absence has made me more acutely aware of things that have always been an influence and excited me. My work is semi abstract but very much founded in natural form, in the infinite shapes of plants and trees, skyscapes, reflections, texture and the vibrancy of colour.

Artwork for sale, commissions welcome


tel: 01483 273577

mobile: 07882933799



  • Jane Deutsch, mosaic mirror
  • Jane Deutsch, garden
  • Jane Deutsch, kiln formed glass bowl
  • Jane Deutsch, kiln formed glass dish
  • Jane Deutsch, untitled
  • Jane Deutsch, windy day ramble