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Jane Silk


I love birds and aim to capture their individual spirit - quirky, humorous, almost human, the essence of their character and behaviour, their conversations.

And I love the natural world, the root of my inspiration - weather and its effects on the environment, the power of the elements, erosion and decay through time, rocks, shells, seedpods and remnants. I enjoy conscious simplicity of form with heightened surface tension and by contrast rugged, textural surfaces and edges. I like to combine these extremes, each enhancing the other, relaxed spontaneity yet disciplined through form.

Artwork is for sale and commissions taken

Visitors welcome by appointment

Lower Kings

Church Street



West Sussex

RH12 3EE

  • Jane Silk, Runner ducks
  • Jane Silk, Guinea Fowl
  • Jane Silk, Chickens
  • Jane Silk, Pebbles
  • Jane Silk, Pebble pots
  • Jane Silk, Broody Casserole hen
  • Jane Silk, Spreading Form
  • Jane Silk, Winchelsea Forms
  • Jane Silk, Winter bird
  • Jane Silk, Penguins
  • Jane Silk, Group
  • Jane Silk, Vultures