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Jill Wicking

Textiles / Mixed Media

I live in the Surrey HIlls and the natural world, in all its forms is the inspiration for my work. I create individual and atmospheric images: working in an exploratory way, using a variety of found, recycled and manipulated materials which I then embellish to capture memories of time and place. Travels in China, Hong King, Myannamar and Bhutan have been influencial, and sketchbooks from these travels often form the basis of ideas for my work. I am inspired by new ideas and techniques in textile, printing and crafts which I can then incorporate into my work to add depth, colour and texture.

The Middle Cottage

82 Pixham Lane




tel: 01306 500277

mobile: 07711247157


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  • Jill Wicking, sunburst
  • Jill Wicking, sea foam
  • Jill Wicking, memories
  • Jill Wicking, magic pool
  • Jill Wicking, sea and shore