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Joanna Bowen


Jo enjoys working with vibrant colours in textiles. She creates her own fabric base which she embellishes, often using recycled materials, embroidery or crochet, to make useful, unusual and unique handbags, covered notebooks and needle cases.
She also makes bespoke small beanbags to prop up tablets/kindles/books. Using a beanbag alleviates muscle strain in the arm when reading or working in a chair or in bed. She also makes bespoke invitation boards, which can be made in the customer's choice of fabric.
Jo is a member of the 'Cranes by the Lake' Open Studio in June 2016.

Commissions welcome and artwork for sale


Visitors welcome by appointment


West Sussex

mobile: 07770 820178


  • Joanna Bowen, Klimt style bag
  • Joanna Bowen, Zoffany invitaton board
  • Joanna Bowen, Clutch bag, inside pocket
  • Joanna Bowen, Clutch bag, inside pocket
  • Joanna Bowen, Embellished handbag
  • Joanna Bowen, Needle case examples
  • Joanna Bowen, Semicircular handbag
  • Joanna Bowen, Needlecase
  • Joanna Bowen, Covered notebook example
  • Joanna Bowen, Example of beanbag