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John Sherwood


From my workshop on the family farm I work mainly with English timber, which I obtain from local tree surgeons.
I see my role as bringing out the beauty of line and form in everyday objects and to emphasise the tactile qualities of the wood.
Wood is a very therapeutic medium. I encourage people to touch and feel my work and feel the tensions of the day drain away.

Meet the Artist: John Sherwood
How did you first get started in the art world?
When I retired from a lifetime of farming I needed to do something completely different. In my youth the 'art world'? was basically painting or sculpture, now there are so many mediums that are considered art including wood. As I could not do straight lines I seem to have been absorbed by the art fraternity.

To someone who had never seen your work before, how would you describe it?
My work endeavours to bring out the natural beauty of the wood in the line and form of everyday objects. Most of my work starts off as a bowl or vase type of form as people can relate to this in their daily life. The progress of the item in shape, colour and decoration is where each turner makes their mark. Wood also has a wonderful tactile quality that invites the viewer to feel and to pick it up. It is very therapeutic.
I also make bowls and plates for daily food use. To make something that is the centre of daily life and hopefully, if looked after, passed on to the next generation is very satisfying.

What's your favourite piece of your work?
That is like asking which is my favourite grandchild! And like my grandchildren my pieces are all different.

What do you love most about being an artist?
I like being part of a group of people who have such a richly diverse range of ideas and talents. That is not to say that I understand them all or that I even like some but it is a stimulating environment.

Where do you seek inspiration in the local Surrey area?
Inspiration can come walking my dogs in the woods or from a motif on one of our old local buildings. I can see apiece of greek pottery in a museum or a piece of ceramics in an exhibition and think that would look beautiful turned out of yew or holly.

What would you say to any artists starting out?
Have a good tutor to guide you. Buy the best tools you can afford (whether it is brushes and paint or chisels and gauges. Woodturners often turnout to be tool junkies so beware buying too many that you do not use. Be open to comment, advice, trying new ideas and dare I say criticism.

Are there any other Surrey artists you particularly admire?
There are probably a couple of hundred artists in the SAOS brochure that I admire. I admire them all for opening up to the public and saying ---here I am, this is what I do, come and have a look, you might like it.

Commissions welcome, artwork for sale

Easy parking, disabled access to workshop all year but only to gallery during Open Studio event

Visitors welcome by appointment

West Wyke Farm

Wyke Lane



GU12 6EE

tel: 01252 315793


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