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JoJo Rowley


Jojo's response to our busy hectic lives is to create ceramic works that exude a sense of calm and quiet. She hand throws consciously pared back forms and uses simple decoration to try to achieve this. Where colour is used, it is used singularly on the interior space of the piece and is chosen to contrast with the creamy white exterior. With her recent Agate Ware range she uses soft muted coloured clay additions to create cloud like patterns in the porcelain through which the eye can wander meditatively.

JoJo sands each of her porcelain vessels between firings so that left unglazed the exterior is smooth and tactile, allowing a real, contemplative connection with the clay.
"Working with clay relies heavily on touch and it is important to me that my pots imbued a sense of harmony when held".

Commissions welcome and artwork for sale.

Visitors welcome by appointment

Woodlands Cottage

New Barn Lane




tel: 01306 627157

mobile: 0781 4805220



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  • JoJo Rowley
  • JoJo Rowley
  • JoJo Rowley
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