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Karen Ashton

Painter, craft and textiles

Working in a variety of media, Karen creates unique images in an expressive and vibrant style that is infused with her passion for colour, texture, pattern and rhythm.
These paintings are complemented by her collectable crafts and textiles.

Visitors welcome by appointment

130-132 Horsham Rd




tel: 01483 273582

mobile: 07921 705949


  • Karen Ashton, Preening parrot
  • Karen Ashton, Soldiers at the Ready
  • Karen Ashton, Marrakech fruit
  • Karen Ashton, Marrakech leopard
  • Karen Ashton, Marrakech jugs
  • Karen Ashton, Nature's gifts
  • Karen Ashton, Prancing horse
  • Karen Ashton, Shoes, glorious shoes!
  • Karen Ashton, Let them eat cake