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Kate Winskill

Painting textiles

Kate trained in fine art and fashion & textile design at Kingston College and Kingston University. Photography is a major source of inspiration for Kate. She uses her own original photographs as well as found vintage images of both people and places to develop screen prints, mono prints and collages.

Commissions Welcome

Visitors welcome by appointment

1of1 Design

80 High Street




  • Kate Winskill, ‘Battersea Working Green’ on Silk
  • Kate Winskill, ‘Battersea Working Purple’ on Silk
  • Kate Winskill,
  • Kate Winskill, Tower Bridge Purple
  • Kate Winskill, Tower Bridge Blue, Ltd Edition Print
  • Kate Winskill, The Shard, Purple. Ltd Edition Print
  • Kate Winskill, Big Kinfisher Ltd Edition Print by Raph Thomas
  • Kate Winskill, Two Emperor Penguins Print
  • Kate Winskill, Single Emperor Penguin
  • Kate Winskill, Big Hippo, Ltd Edition Print
  • Kate Winskill, Harlequin Macaw, Ltd Edition Print
  • Kate Winskill, Three Macaws, Ltd Edition Print