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Lene Ryden

Ceramic Artist

I love throwing and turning work on the wheel, feeling at one with the rhythm of the clay and in awe of its versatility and possibilities. At times it is forgiving and gives you another chance to improve what you are about to achieve. But at other moments it is harsh and uncompromising, leaving me in its spell without any sense of control.

I appreciate the freedom of altering a form with a sense of the unknown, exploring different interpretations and possibilities. I enjoy using a range of decorating techniques which I am applying as an emotional response to the body of work.

Commissions undertaken

Working at Weybridge Pottery, 24 Mayfield Road, Weybridge, Surrey KT13 8XD

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  • Lene Ryden, Vessel from
  • Lene Ryden, Vessel from
  • Lene Ryden, Large thrown bowl
  • Lene Ryden, Thrown jug
  • Lene Ryden, Thrown bowl
  • Lene Ryden, Thrown and altered jug
  • Lene Ryden, Thrown bowl