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Linda Stanton


I have loved drawing and painting all my life. I won a scholarship to Sutton School of Art where I studied both fine and graphic art. I was a commercial artist and later
I was an Industrial designer for Decca radio and TV.
I find inspiration everywhere and paint whatever appeals to me at the time. My paintings are therefore an eclectic mix of landscapes, seascapes, figures and abstracts.
I now work in watercolour, oils and silk ink on silk.

16 Ashwood Park




KT22 9NT

tel: 01372 456913

mobile: 07789465779


  • Linda Stanton
  • Linda Stanton, Frosty Sunrise
  • Linda Stanton
  • Linda Stanton, The old tree - Stilĺ Standing
  • Linda Stanton, Bluebells and Bir h Trees
  • Linda Stanton, Fireworks!
  • Linda Stanton, Passing Clouds
  • Linda Stanton, The Colours of Autumn
  • Linda Stanton, The Dress
  • Linda Stanton, Late Afternoon Sunshine
  • Linda Stanton, Flame Trees
  • Linda Stanton, Summer Meadow