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Lindsay Sword


118 SAOS Open Studios 2019 I have been painting for about 12 years, initially as an antidote to my work as a medic, and then recently as one of my main activities during retirement. Although I initially painted exclusively in watercolours a 13 month sabbatical on the South Island of New Zealand and encounters with some inspirational artists led me towards using acrylics which I found suited the vibrant colours of the New Zealand countryside. I particularly love painting landscapes and especially the sea but am keen to challenge myself with other medias and genres.

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  • Lindsay Sword, Thai beach
  • Lindsay Sword, Kina  Beach, New Zealand
  • Lindsay Sword, Hooper's Inlet, N Zealand
  • Lindsay Sword, Dusky dolphins, Kaikoura, NZ
  • Lindsay Sword, Twilight, Mapua, NZ
  • Lindsay Sword, sunset, Mauritius
  • Lindsay Sword, Wild lupins, Lake tekapo, NZ
  • Lindsay Sword, French door
  • Lindsay Sword, Portloe, Cornwall