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Liz Hauck


My work is expressionistic: more about inner expression than representation of the natural world.

The paintings are abstract, mostly using oils. The process is experiential; feelings, experiences and memories fuse as new forms arise until the image reches an inner harmony.

The inspiration may be literal but the process is expressional, rather like the improvisation of a jazz player, 'riffing' around the idea using colour, shape and texture.

Meaning lies in how the paintings make the viewer feel, the images and memories they stimulate and the emotional response they evoke.

Commissions welcome and artwork for sale

Parking available

Visitors welcome by appointment


Shere Road

West Horsley


KT24 6EW

tel: 01483 286900

mobile: 07738 617385



  • Liz Hauck, 'River Flows in You - Yiruma'
  • Liz Hauck, 'A Timeless Place - Norma Winstone'
  • Liz Hauck, 'Save Me - Joan Armatrading'
  • Liz Hauck, 'Summer Wind - Frank Sinatra'
  • Liz Hauck, 'How Deep is the Ocean - Billie Holiday'
  • Liz Hauck, 'River Deep and Mountain High - Ike & Tina Turner'
  • Liz Hauck, 'Willow - Joan Armatrading'
  • Liz Hauck, 'Little Bird - Annie Lennox'
  • Liz Hauck, 'Moon River - Andy Williams'
  • Liz Hauck, 'Yesterdays - Billie Holiday